Supportive Events

Besides the EASA summer events there are events that are supporting towards the main event; the INCM(Intermediate National Contact Meeting) as a general organizational support towards EASA and the ITM(Intermediate Tutor Meeting) specifically related to the coming EASA.


EASA introduced the INCM(Intermediate National Contact Meeting) for the first time in 1991. The first meeting was held in Berlin Lichterfelde, where the ‘Lichterfelde Statement’ was written down, this statement is now known as the ‘EASA Guide’ and is updated each year at the INCM.

The INCM is a meeting of the representatives(National Contacts) from each of the countries involved in the EASA network. It takes place during autumn and mainly consists of debates, discussions and conferences on EASA’s organisational issues, as well as exploring a theme in a smaller scale than is accomplished during the summer assembly.

At the INCM countries bid to host future events, the location of the next summer assembly is decided 2 years in advance and the location of the next INCM is decided one year in advance, what is remarkable about these decisions is that they are made to consensus between over 100 National Contacts. It usually takes an entire day to reach consensus for each event.


The first ITM was held in Nida, as a preparation for the possible future tutors.

The goal of the ITM is to gain knowledge about the location and the theme to be able to provide workshops with a higher quality. This year in Rijeka 70 international students interested in becoming workshop tutors will took part in the event. The event was primarily concerned with visiting the different sites where the assembly will take place, as well as organized lectures where experts introduced the participants to the relevant themes and locations. In addition, discussions and workshops were held to help the participants identify the different contextual problems of this year’s location. The event aims to determine the different tasks and goals for the upcoming workshops as well as gather information for further elaboration of the project.

Sister Organizations

We are not alone! Also in other parts of the world organizations for architecture students exist. Two of these who are closely connected to EASA are CLEA(Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Estudiantes de Arquitectura; from Latin America) and NASA(National Association of Students of Architecture; from India). These two organizations can apply, just like the countries of Europe, with a group of participants from their country/countries during the EASA event, and they also have National Contacts for each of them, representing their organization during the EASA events.