«TOURIST», is the focus introduced by EASA 2019. The participants will be brought to explore this problematic under the following three main aspects:

Tourism is a global phenomenon: accessibility to new destinations increases constantly. Specific infrastructure is implemented in order to manage the flow of tourists. This entails an impact on the landscape and the city. The trend gave birth to a vast economic sector on which certain communities depend entirely. 

Tourism is a local phenomenon: Villars has historically been one of the first touristic destinations in the Frenchspeaking part of Switzerland. To attain this position, a strong identity and a recognizable iconography have been developed. Postcards, which are now being replaced by social networks, send out this image as a message to the world. Attracting tourism is a goal that requires to be able to absord the incoming flows by building the needed infrastructure: hotels, transport means, leisure, cultural hotspots, shops… In this process, the landscape undergoes deep changes. 

EASA somehow also generates tourism: every year, hundreds of people from all over the world gather to discover a place and its culture, and create a dialogue. The discussions, conferences and workshops will tackle these three thematic axes to try to answer one vast question: what are the current conditions and consequences of global tourism, and how will it evolve?