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EASA Apathy 2020, Participant Call
Links: Participant Application form:
EASA Tourist, Switzerland APPLICATION
  Click here for the application form find the subthemes and other information to help you with your application on http://Array
DATES: EASA Tourist 2019 Switzerland
SAVE THE DATE! EASA Tourist date announcement. We can’t wait to be there! Stay updated: @easaswitzerland
EASA 2020 Estonia APATHY
After the most beautiful, constructive and sensible discussions we are proud to announce the organisers of EASA 2020: Estonia with […]
INCM 2019 Macedonia JATO
We are very happy to announce that the 2019 intermediate national contact meeting will be INCM JATO in Macedonia! @easa.macedonia […]
Almost a year ago at INCM Lapland the decision was made: INCM BULGARIA VITOSHA 2018 Now it begins! Stay updated […]
Participants EASA 2018
We have chosen!  Our participants joining us to Re:EASA in Rijeka Croatia Anna Zonneveld Sophia Chrysanthou Saskia Gribling Aylin Özcan […]
Guests Call!
Are you an old Easian wanting to drop by and say hi, or a curious newbie trying to understand why […]
Workshops announced!
Click here for more info!
Helper Application
Dear Easians,we have officially opened the call for helpers at RE:EASA 2018. Be a force that keeps the event going, […]
Extended deadline
Since we are all quite busy with deadlines and exames, we have decided to extend the participant application deadline till […]
Become a participant
What is more usefull than having all the information in 3 places? Thats right having all the info in 1 […]
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