From 20 February to 6 March 2019, EASA Netherlands organises the exhibition ‘No experience needed’. The exhibition is connected to the lecture series ‘No experience needed’ and gives space and time to debate on the value of students’ self-activated projects. The official opening of the exhibition is on 20 February 2019 18:00.

The exhibition (re)starts a path to self-reflection and gives different examples and insights of student activism and rebellion. With the project, EASA Netherlands aims to switch on again a debate on education. The Dutch representatives of the independent platform for architecture students aims to trigger an inner platform for all students of all departments, to meet, share, and build together. More information about the EASA Netherlands can be found here.

The lecture series ‘No experience needed’ connects to the exhibition and hosts different guests to start a new stream of energy, creating motivation among the faculty to be more active and reactive as a body of students.